Why Win?

Why WIN?

Over 25 years of demonstrated expertise and tested experience!

We take our skills which have been honed over decades and apply them through a strict process which has repeatedly proven to lead to superior results.
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Personal Service

Large enough to produce, small enough to listen and care!

Attentive, available and attuned to the diverse needs of our clientele, we listen and learn your specific needs and craft a program to help you achieve your goals.

WIN is big enough to have the resources to meet the needs of the largest and most complex companies. Yet we have retained the flexibility to create customized solutions to meet the needs of all our clients.

And, we are still responsive enough to take your phone calls!

Leading Technology

Technology that works-- for us and for YOU!

WIN embraces technology. So much so that it led us to acquire the company that developed the DrugPak Software Suite—the industry’s most widely utilized drug test program management software.

We need technology to be able to efficiently and effectively perform the services you ask of us. It improves accuracy and enables us to process tasks with incredible speed.

It also provides us—both WIN and our clients—with information, with data that we can use to manage and refine your drug-free workplace program.

But technology is a tool. It’s not the master. By purchasing DrugPak, we made sure that we never become slave to a “system” but always have the ability to customize that system to meet the needs of our clients.

Lower Costs

Do more for less!

This is dangerous ground. The old adage “you get what you pay for” does indeed carry a great deal of truth. As does the idea that you must compare “apples to apples”!

We don’t claim to be the least expensive provider in the industry. But we do use our buying power, our technology, our operating efficiencies, and our strategic partnerships to offer flexible and scalable drug-free workforce solutions that do indeed do more for less!

We put the time, energy and expertise into our relationship with you to make sure we are helping you create the most cost-effective and legally defensible program possible.  

How to start winning

Protect you business and your most important resource….your people!

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